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I am boy of 13, studying 8th standard . I have just finished my half yearly exam at 12-23-2005.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome, I am signing in after a long time. Now I am studying IX grade Sec'A'. I have enjoyed my holidays , but I was severely fell ill during my holidays for three weeks. Bye for now!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi to all . After a long time I am blogging. I am very busy on my Annual Exams , so I cannot blog. Now my exams all are over, and I have staqrted my summer holidays of 2 months. Having a holiday of 2 months is a great joy, I am enjoying it. I have also joined my 2nd year summer cricket coaching camp. I have also written two extra poems in my holidays since 06-04-2006 (When I finished my 8th standard, now I am stepping into my 9th standard at 02-06-2006).

I have forgotten to tell about my poem about a man of virtues called Don Bosco. Don Bosco is a great person who worked for the youth . I got 1st price for this poem in a poetry competetion in my school while studying 8th standard.
The lines were;
Don Bosco, father of youth,
His life is very smooth.
He wanted no one to tell lies,
His aims were higher than skies.
He wanted everyone to be true,
In this world his preachings grew.
He doesn't want anyone to come late,
He changed many youth's fate.
He hated the word- sorrow,
He doesn't want anyone to borrow.
He doesn't want anyone to be sad,
He believed that sad is very bad.
These were the virtues loved by him,
These were Don Bosco's dream.
We must realize it,
Obey it,
And make our mind and soul fit..
-T.Rathnavel Pandian
Please post your comments about this poem
Thank you........ See you all soon

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ha... seeing you all after a long time . I have got my II Mid Term results. I am not very satisfied with it. Evenththough I have got 89.7% I am 7th rank. I am very unhappy because I am in 8th grade A sec , if I would have been in 8th B or C, I am the First rank. I have got 808 /900. Ok Bye for now.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Please post your comments about my last poem. I have finished my next poem . It is for your view

Sin is prevailing all over the country,
It is also growing as a big tree.
Sin is done mainly to the poor,
Sin is the tasting of sour.
Sin- it is nothing but cruelty,
Sin- it can also increase the mortality.
Sin- it is the leader of badness,
Sin- it also brings up sadness.
All must fight against the sin,
And we must win.

- By
Rathnavel Pandian

Please post your comments also about this poem. Thank You.

Hello once again .I think I have told that i must give something useful for the public So I must give all of you a collection of poems. I have written only two poems. If there is any mistake kindly forgive it. Here they are,

Peace- is our prayer,
Peace- we should find.
World wants peace,
It is bigger than seas.
Peace- must not be broken into pieces,
Peace- it must be popularised among the masses.
Peace- is our cry,
Peace- is the people's try.
Peace- it doesn't want war,
Peace- it is not so far.
Peace is like a seed,
Peace is our need.
Seed makes a tree,
But, peace makes a country.
Peace- we should try to make it,
And make our mind fit.
--By T. Rathnavel Pandian.

Hmm... this is my little poem. And I wrote a little poem which was incomplete. I will publish it after finishing it. Thank You.Bye for now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I had been seeing my brother,s Blog , its so wonderful and useful . Hmm .. I am trying to get an idea how I can get an idea for the public..... I will surely present all of you a good and better man of usefulness like my brother. I forget to tell about my Dad's Blog. And his Blog's URL is

Surely I can say that I can't give use to you as much as my brother. So I will try my best and do my best. If anyone see my blog by my brother's recommendation tell him about this. And at last buh bye for now......

Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome once again .My Half yearly results came . This is a pretty good result for me . In Quarterly I am 6th rank, but now I am 4th rank in the Half Yearly Exam. I have got 886 marks out of 1000. That is I am 88.6%. I am feeling very happy for my marks and percentage. And this is my highest percentage in this Year. My Brother has got 2nd rank.
I forgot to tell about my cousin. He is more interested in computer. He is working as a developer. He has an interesting blog . And that's address is If you go to this blog . You can see many interesting things there.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hi , This is a blog by a school student studying in 8th Standard. This blog is started in the New Year 2006. At first I want to introduce myself. My name is Rathnavel. I am not much good in computer. But my brother is very good in computer. He also have a blogger . His blog's name is He is also very good in studies. Coming back to me.
I am a ranking boy between 1 to 6. I ranked 5th in my I Mid Term Exam at an average of 79. I ranked 6th in the Quarterly Exam at an average of 86.3